currently 7 paladin/7 fighter/2 monk.  will be 10 paladin/8 fighter/2 monk


i get asked alot if i picked this name from some anime that i’ve never heard of.  if you can’t tell already, the answer to that is ‘no’.  i had a vision in mind when i originally created this character… a paladin… guardian angel… avenging angel.  protector, defender, arse kicker. i declared her to be the “Angel of Vengeance” and outfitted her to match. Her name is a slightly modified spelling of the Chinese word for ‘angel’, and i purchased a halo and white hair from the DDO store (horcs can’t start with white hair. best they can get is a dirty grey looking color).

over time she morphed from a whirling steel strike based DPS build to a wraps based build to a tank… using a bastard sword and shield and holding the boss.  she topped 1000 HP at 20, no mean feat at the time.  she tanked HoX, LoB, ToD, and i think even Chrono once… and then… enhancement pass. no more pyjama tanks. or so they say.

i tinkered, i fiddled, i used my free LR. she was still a tough bruiser, but didn’t quite shine.  and then… PDK hit the scene and i started getting crazy ideas.

i dropped tokens on a character i’d never planned on TRing… ever, and became a 15th level “paladin” who looked almost exactly like her former incarnation… just without the tusks.  i’ve gone full circle and am now back to the whirling steel strike thing… but it’s actually viable now…and fun!  imagine that.

the build