Pointless Waste of Time

aka: Awesomebard™

16 bard 2 barbarian 2 rogue 8 epic

ScreenShot00052shot taken in fatesinger – with absolutely no buffs on.

Pointless was my 3rd character, and her somewhat odd name has a funny story.  I play with my husband, and we used to play with his brother (who has since stopped playing). We also all played EverQuest together. In EQ we started out with a ranger (me), druid (Ungood, my husband), and a necromancer (his bro).  Anyone who’s played EQ knows that normally a ranger is squishy DPS, and the other 2 classes are normally soloists, well, we formed a well-knit team, where the ranger tanked, the druid healed (and was sometimes even chosen to heal over some clerics, so he was darn good at it), and the necro CCed and damaged.  One day, after we’d gotten up into the low 50s we were pondering starting a new team… this time the pure trinity: warrior, cleric, enchanter. However, the topic was brought up by Ungood’s brother saying “I was thinking of making an enchanter…” and he paused… to which Ungood piped up “But realized they suck?”  the bro shot back with “Keep it up and yer hunting with a magician named Useless!”  We all had a good laugh about it, but a week later, when we were making our characters… /who all enchanter 1.  and an Erudite enchanter named Eustliss popped up on the list. lol

Fast forward to 2009… I’m playing a rogue with the same little band of loonies… we’re doing our normal joking around and cutting up, and i forget exactly what was said and to who, but i do remember that i shot back with “Keep it up and yer hunting with a bard named Pointless!” …again we all had a good laugh, but about a week later… Pointless Waste of Time the 28 point elven bard was born.

first life:
28 point elven 18 bard/2 ranger warchanter/AA
for your amusement, and my profound embarrassment, the build

second life:
half elf 18 sorc/2 bard air savant wearing light armor and swinging a GS greatsword

third life:the one you see above. unless something drastic changes, this is her final life
the build


SOMETHING DRASTIC CHANGED~! lol. will update soon, i promise!