Not my first character, but next to Pointless, the one most near and dear to me.  The name Katzklaw and variations thereof have been used by me for the past 18 years, and always associated with a ranged character.  The first Katzklaw was a halfling ranger in the MUD called DragonRealms, but i’ve used the name in many games.

First life:
one of my first 32 point characters –  a half elf 18 FvS/2 rogue AoV/AA.  she owned my first completed (tier 3) greensteel accessory (con-op necklace) AND my first completed greensteel weapon (lit II bow)

second life:
elven 17 cleric/2 monk/1 wizard RS/AA.  in my opinion… my weakest life to date, but still fun
the build

third life:half elf 17 druid/2 ranger/1 wizard NW/AA. first time with bow strength, manyshot, and IPS all together. wow! stayed at epic long time on this one… fun build, but not very powerful in melee in the end
the build

fourth life:
12 barb/6 ranger/2 rogue AA/DWS. first build post enhancement-pass. a little light on the HP for a barb at the end of the life, but HUGELY fun. lead kill counts in almost every quest unless we grouped with someone who twisted wild shots and primal scream or something. lol
the build