Pickt d’Locks

13 rogue/ 6 monk/1 druid/4 epic acrobat spy with arcane arrows for those pesky ledge perchers and a MIGHTY SHILLELAGH!


my second character. i originally rolled him up to be the trapper for a static group.  the fact that he is a male character is a bit of a joke poking fun at my brother-in-law who always rolls up female toons.  he’s always been good at traps, but horribly horribly gimp in his first incarnation… we’re talking 70HP at 9th level kinda gimp.  i didn’t want to delete the character, so over time he got LRed a few times… and then TRed… 3 rogue lives now… and with that, the R.O.G.U.E. title of “Lord of Shadows”, and as a well rounded “Lord”, he of course has one life as a mechanic, one as an assassin, and one as an acrobat

first life:
halfling pure rogue mechanic

second life:
elven 13 rogue/7 monk assassin/spy
the build

third life:
elven 13 rogue/6 monk/1 druid acrobat/spy with a tiny dip in AA for giggles
the build