18 wizard 2 rogue 2 epic EK/PM melee arse-kicker and occasional tank who throws her weight around.


Madchen (pronounced Met-chen. like the name Gretchen, but with an “M”) is german for ‘girl’ or ‘little girl’.  she was originally a warforged, hence the silly name, but i’ve rerolled her a few times before i settled on something i liked.

she’s not a terribly strong caster, but she does sling a few spells around. mostly she melees her way thru life, cleaving skulls with a pair of Cormyrian Dwarven Waraxes, or occasionally hunkers down behind a Fanion and laughs at the mobs attempts to hurt her.  she’s also set up for shadow tanking in ToD… and once, quite a while ago now, tanked Sully on a ToD that the leader decided not to do the optional in.

she doesn’t do stuff fast, but she’s tough to kill, and gets it done eventually.