Katzgot My Name

18 FvS/2 monk/ 4 epic hjealer with a side of evoking and a mean stunning fist.


after TRing Katzklaw away from her divine lives, i was starting to miss having a healer character on tap for the occasional raid.  i also had an otto’s box burning a hole in my inventory. got a wild hair one day and rolled up a vet status II helf (dilly paladin for RAWR SAVES) with big wisdom and a monk splash.  the name was suggested by Zeelee, and is a play off “cat got your tongue?”

farted around for maybe an hour or so in Delera’s getting from 7 to 8, put on my newly acquired voice of the master, chugged a pot, borrowed a 5% shrine, and shot to 19.

farted around a little while longer… flagging for shroud and getting to 20, then hit the raid scene.  i took a perverse pleasure in waiting till we were INSIDE the raid, then spring them with  “Hi! i’m your raid healer today..and i’m gonna tell you something might make you a little nervous,… i’m a stoner baby with no raid gear.  😀  ”

it was fun while it lasted, but i can’t make that claim anymore. i’ve got a few pieces of teh nice stuff, and people know her now… i can’t scare em anymore. XD

i don’t play her often, but i do drag her out every now and again if someone needs a raid healed…  she solo heals shrouds with half her mana tied behind her back… lol… i think she came out ok.