Justanotha Waste of Time

currently 14 bard 2 arti. will be 18 bard 2 arti.  spellsinging ranged support/havoc bard with FABULOUS dance moves!


are you still counting? it’s bard number four! lol.   one of my first ‘vet II’ characters.  he also carries on the ongoing theme of outlandish hair colors. Beguiling is the only bard i have with normal hair… red. Pointless has pink, Frivolous has seafoam turquoise, and this guy? acid green. yeah. i think the purple dress just completes the look, don’t you? XD

this guy’s not terribly strong, but he’s loads of fun.  currently uses the AA imbues (which *currently* work on crossbows) to give his doublecross bow paralyzing.  favorite tactic is to sneak around a corner and charm one mob in a pack, and let them all fight it out as he picks them off one by one with his crossbow… hence ‘havoc bard’.  despite the 2 arti levels he hasn’t really had any trouble with DCs or spell pen on his CC spells in heroic hard and even some elite content.  i know that will change in the epics, but for now… DANCE, F-ERS! MWAHAHAHAHAH~!!!!!!!!!