how to add colors to your text!

ok. i just learned how to do this recently, and it’s pretty cool.  and then upon demonstrating my new-found skills, i was immediately asked “How did you do that?” it’s really hard to explain in game, so here is the answer:

FIRST – you need to have a layout file.  if you haven’t done it at least once already, you need to save a layout.  (if you have one already, you can use your existing, or make a new one. your choice) just type /ui layout save name – where name is whatever you chose to name it.

ScreenShot00027click to see what i’m talking about. i typed in /ui layout save tienshi

next, you need to find where the file saved. it tells you right in the chat box, so remember it.

colors1oh look. there it is.

open it with your favorite text viewer… typically notepad.  you can do this two ways… change the file type to .txt and just open it. (just remember to change it back to .layout before you try to use it. OR instruct your computer to always open that type of file with notepad in the future. there will be a WHOLE bunch of code stuff that you might or might not understand, and is best you not touch… but near the top, there is a place for aliases.


mine already has one… if you don’t have a section that looks like this at the top, you can add it. this is the section you are going to work with.

IMPORTANT: you can have only 50 aliases at a time, so you cannot use ALL of these at the same time. you will have to pick and chose which colors appeal to you.

pick some colors you like from this list, and copy-paste them into your alias file, so that it looks more like this:


load back into the game, and type in /ui layout load name –  where name is the name you picked before. you’ll see a long string of stuff go by telling you that such and such alias has been loaded.

now, for the fun part. pick a channel you want to talk into, and a color you want it to appear as… for example, if you wanted to tell your guild “hello guys!” in red, you would type /g ;red hello guys! –  and hit enter, and it would appear to your guild chat as:
hello guys!
so there ya go! have fun!


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