“how to” videos and tutorials

the first few lessons are basically DDO 101. very simple stuff that everyone  who has the class skills/abilities for it should learn how to do.  i’ll most likely add more advanced stuff to the bottom as time goes on.

non-video tutorials at the very bottom


how to fascinate. (or more to the point, when to start singing so you don’t die at the end of the song

how to bluff pull

how to “body pull”, or pull one (or a few) mobs from a pack without getting them all, without using stealth

how to pull a single mob from a pack with ranged (currently mobs are pretty stupid, and won’t all go following the one you shot unless they also happen to SEE you… they pretty much just mill around aimlessly wondering what made that ‘arrow twip!’ sound. derp


how to put colors in your text!

how to post pictures on the ddo (and other) forums