Frivolous Waste of Time

12 bard 6 fighter 2 rogue warchanter/defender


my third bard. kept the theme going… it’s become an in-joke at this point.  long long before enhancement pass came around, i claimed bards could do just about anything, so was challenged to make a bard TANK.  rolled the build up and started playing it.  but… i level everything painfully slow… so time passed… more time passed… she leveled here and there, dribs and drabs… bit by bit.  i even started passing all my xp stones to her for a while.

then the enhancement pass hit.  it made things easier… and yet, the climate of the game no longer really needs tanks anymore for the most part, so altho she’s tough as nails and has a pretty darn respectable intimidate score… she’ll likely not get used much for what she was originally conceived of for.

anyone wanna run LoB, HoX, or ToD? i have a bard itching to try to tank it… XD

the build.