oh dear God has it been 6 years since i’ve done this?

i thought it was only 4… >.>


ANYWAY. i’ve gone and done something crazy. crazier than the last time

after being absolutely sure i would never TR Pointless ever again… yeah, guess what i did last week.  >.>  INTO A SHADAR KAI NO LESS!  lol

build link and other misc info coming soon… but i can tell you she’s going to be 16/2/2 bard/fighter/rogue warchanter freezer, and she’s insanely fun. XD


well then….

i’ve neglected this blog for quite some time, as i tend to do.  seems that i’ve gotten into the 2015 DDO Player Council this year. wooo go me.  i don’t get along with all the members, but then again i didn’t get along with all the members on Mournlands… we shall see how this goes.

i guess three years is long enough

i went and did something crazy yesterday. i mean right and proper off the wall. but then again, that’s me. 

y’see, thanks to a friend,  had an otto’s epic stone burning a hole in my pocket, and no idea who to use it on. and then… random idea is random…

Pointless has been sitting parked at 28 for a while now…and slightly bored there.  i was barely playing her, and yet she’s technically my main… now i had been toying with a silly idea for a while now… to use my free +20 heart and swap my barb levels for ranger levels… but i wasn’t quite brave enough.  Pointless’ overall build has been largely unchanged for over 3 years.

well, yesterday, i got a crazy idea stuck in my head, and usually when that happens, i end up doing it.  by noon i’d asked my questions and gathered my needed materials, and by 3 the deed was done. first i Epic Reincarnated, taking the doublestrike feat, then when i was done with that i turned around and when right back in and LRed, using my +20 heart. a rarity for me, i flew by the seat of my pants, i did not plan ahead. i knew what stats and feats i needed to get what i wanted, so i just went with it.

and then i chugged a 50% pot, put on my voice of the master, and begged a ship invite for a 5% shrine… and used the epic stone.  5 epic levels, 2 fate points, and a capped out Divine Crusader destiny later… oh God… time to sort out my 14 hotbars. >.<

all in all, tho, it was a positive change. my saves are better, my skills are higher, and while each individual hit isn’t quite as hard, between the doublestrike boost and some of the sexy goodies in DC, i carve stuff up like a little cuisinart now. i’m a happy lil bardling. now to get back to 28! 😀

a milestone

i am a horrible horrible person. i haven’t updated here in forever. since my last update, katz reached epic levels again, and i created another character.. so i need to update not only my characters page, but also my builds list.

that being said.. the purpose for writing this particular post… i reached a milestone early this morning. many others have reached it far faster than i… but i tend to level pretty slow, so this is a bit of a big deal for me.


all destinies at level 5. now i need to go back and max them out. lol

but next up… wizard life!

past life? what past life?

this is gonna be a short one, just a random thought i was thinking of this morning…

just when i finally think the game has been around long enough for certain things to have become common knowledge… i invariably see wrong information on the TRing process being quoted by people who AREN’T new to the game… in this case: what past life do you end up with in cases where you have 2 classes with the same number of levels. what happens when you have a 10/10 split? or maybe a 9/9/2 like my husband did on his barbarian life not so long ago?

i’ve heard more than one person say that when you have 2 classes with the same number of levels, whichever one you took FIRST is the one that takes precedence. THIS IS WRONG.

basically, the order it goes in is this: the original 9 classes are taken in alphabetical order (Barbarian, Bard, Cleric, Fighter, Paladin, Ranger, Rogue, Sorcerer, Wizard), and the 4 new classes in the order they were added to the game  (monk, favored soul, artificer, druid)

for example… in my husband’s previously mentioned 9/9/2 split he had 9 barb/9 fvs/2 rogue for a barb past life, even tho he took fvs levels early for the self healing.  if given equal levels… bard and barb would yield a barb past life, but bard and arti would yield bard, even tho arti is alphabetically first… it’s a newer class.  arti and monk – monk past life, as monk came first.

so hope that all made sense and helps some people!

on a related note… here’s a quick vid i made when katz turned 14 this life that’s relevant to the topic.  XD

It was fun while it lasted…

The Mournlands server and forum are officially shutting down this coming Wednesday. I know this, because i was a mournlander. we were told today that we could reveal ourselves, and i just wanted to get a few things off my chest.

1.  we weren’t a bunch of bobble-headed yes-men mindlessly agreeing to everything put before us.  there was some definite dissent and sometimes rather heated arguments going on.  sometimes we put our foot down and said in unison “NO… don’t do that!”  sometimes we were listened to… sometimes not so much

2. Mournlands was NOT a “test” server. ML was one step above what lammy was, and now lammy is taking it’s place.  We got to see and play with things before anyone else, but we weren’t really TESTING the game to find bugs. I mean sure, if we found one, we reported it, but more often than not, unless it was huge and glaring in ways that make the current “huge glaring” bugs look like minor spelling errors and not game breaking monstrosities, we would see the same bug we reported on ML being reported on lammy, and then finally hitting live before MAYBE getting fixed in hotfix 1, 2,3 – patch 1,2,3 – or maybe never.  We provided feedback on quests, raids, items – does this quest feel too long, too short, too easy, too hard? What did you think of this mechanic in that raid? What do you think of these new items, or these revised ones.  we were a focus group, but more often than not for things that were already at least somewhat coded.

we stopped some crazy bad stuff from going live… when the new item slots and old named items revamp was being coded, wer almost lost ALL of our clickies. planar gird was almost turned into a green slotted belt with a perma GH effect when worn.  the torq was almost turned into something that granted temp SP, and not even all that much… there was more stuff, but i don’t remember it all.  things like this, we pretty much in unison said “no. if you do this, LOTS of people will leave.” and the changes… which had already been coded, mind you… were reverted. on the other hand… some stuff we never even saw. it went straight to lammy, and we were left sitting there going WTF?  and catching the blame from the live forums… and unable to defend outselves, because doing so would out ourselves.

that was the worst i think… being ripped on by the community at large, and being unable to do anything about it.

all i know is that on Wednesday at 11 am i will be standing in game in the  ML server with a /hug and a proud /salute to my ML friends, waiting for the lights to go off and that chapter in my gaming life to close forever.

How do i Bard… part 2

the absolute FIRST thing you have to do, regardless if you are looking forward to a bardic life or not, is decide why you are playing a bard.. how long will you be playing this character, what do you want to get out of it.  are you a multi-TR burning thru each life as fast as possible and you’ll see 20th long enough to walk from the trainer to the lifeshaper and all you need is a bard life? i would joke and say this blog isn’t for you, cuz i love me some bards… but i will say this… for you, the important things are the milestones… and the fact that the only class that comes before bard when figuring which class icon is showing and what past life you get, is barbarian.  you could do a 10/10 split, and unless the other class is barb, the bard will take precedence.  Bards get haste and displacement at 7th, DD and FoM at 10th, GH at 13, and otto’s irresistible at 16.  also of note, with the addition of “Heal” to the bardic spell list via “Maestro of Life and Death”, there is now no UMD check whatsoever for any bard 16th or higher scrolling “Heal”.  take these facts into consideration as you make your plans.

if you want to actually experience the bard class, you then have to ask again… what do you want to get out of it? previously you typically had to chose between being a good caster (keeping in mind that bards are NOT damage casters, even if pure) and being a good combatant.  Caster focused meant pure bard and max charisma, combative usually (but not always) splashed and went high strength while comparatively dumping charisma.  PDK has eased that choice a bit with the ability to use charisma to hit and damage with certain weapons, but not everyone wants to play a horc with a weird-lookin human face. another newer consideration with the enhancement pass is throwing in a level of cleric or FvS for divine might, and i must admit, that one is tasty.  adding your charisma bonus to your strength almost feels like it’s MADE for a bard… if you can remember to click that button every minute, and aren’t like me who gets easily dis… oh look! something shiny! *pounce*

what was i talking about again?

oh right. bards.

it’s kind of hard to describe how best to build a bard, when there’s so many different tacks to take, so i’ll leave more detailed description for either direct questions, or future articles.

PLAYING a bard…
first: don’t let the naysayers get you down.  bards, while in need of some love, are still awesome.
second:  fascinate is your “oh s***” button. learn it, love it. PRACTICE with it… so you learn how long it takes to sing it. it is not instant… it takes several seconds to sing it, and starting too late can be the difference between pulling victory from the jaws of defeat and a complete wipe.  most PUGs don’t understand fascinate at all, so it’s unlikely to get much use except as the “oh s***, save the day” button if you PUG alot… but in a static or semi static group, or solo… fascinate is a beautiful thing. *
third: play to your strengths.  technically this applies to any class, but some people seem to forget that when they think about bards as they have a preconceived notion of what a bard is and is not.  decide how you want to play, build for it, gear for it, play it… own it.

* about fascinate:  fascinate is potentially the strongest trash-stopper in the game. it is trivial how easy it is to get a sky-high DC even on a “dumped” charisma bard.  the DC is based on performance ranks not levels like most DC based skills, abilities, and spells.  in theory a single level of bard is enough for EE capable fascination DCs if one remembers to keep perform maxed.

fascinate vs enthrall:  enthrall is a very nice ability in the spellsinger tree. it has the same DC as your fascinate, and works basically the same, however, it has two added benefits… 1. it has a (small) chance to NOT break when you hit the mob.  this benefit is mostly negligible, but it’s nice when a stray greataxe hit doesn’t instantly break the other mob you weren’t *quite* ready to deal with, and 2. enthralled enemies suffer a -2 penalty to attack rolls and Will saves for 24 seconds plus 6 seconds per bard level, even after being disrupted from their reverie. it may not mean as much as it used to, but it’s still the equivalent of adding +2 to everyone’s AC AND their CC DCs… yes plz!

NOTE TO NON BARDS REGARDING FASCINATE:  if you are running with a bard, and you get into an ‘over your head’ situation, and the bard suddenly starts singing… IGNORE your inclination to “hit everything and kill it all as fast as possible!”.. if you have a way to quickly draw agro (preferably without hitting things, but a quick cleave before the song is done playing can work too) try to use it to draw mobs off the bard so they don’t die before the song completes.  if a mob is standing around with music notes over its head… DON’T HIT IT unless you are ready to fight it… it’s parked. take a breather. lol.  when breaking fascinate… resist the urge to jump into the middle of the pack and cleave! this is a good way to 1. get yourself killed, as there might be a good reason the bard fascinated in the first place, 2. piss off the bard, you just wasted his/her song and time, and 3. get the bard killed, as everything agros the bard.