Beguiling Waste of Time

pure bard CC/heal specced chest blessing hagglebot spellsinger


my second bard.  partially rolled up for giggles, partially because i wanted to start dual-boxing, partially for more storage space, partially as a haggle toon, partially to occasionally bless chests. yeah,  had a lot of random reasons for this one.  i decided to stay with the “waste of time” theme i’d started with Pointless, so her original name was Massiv. i tried for Massive, but it was apparently already taken. i eventually changed it to avoid being associated with Massivheals/Massivtool.  she benefited from the free exp stones that were given out with MoTD preorders and took and easy ride to 16.

she epitomizes the ‘can’t fight my way out of a wet paper sack’ bard that everyone jokes about, but she can make a whole room of stuff dance and drool on itself, so i guess it all works out.