i guess three years is long enough

i went and did something crazy yesterday. i mean right and proper off the wall. but then again, that’s me. 

y’see, thanks to a friend,  had an otto’s epic stone burning a hole in my pocket, and no idea who to use it on. and then… random idea is random…

Pointless has been sitting parked at 28 for a while now…and slightly bored there.  i was barely playing her, and yet she’s technically my main… now i had been toying with a silly idea for a while now… to use my free +20 heart and swap my barb levels for ranger levels… but i wasn’t quite brave enough.  Pointless’ overall build has been largely unchanged for over 3 years.

well, yesterday, i got a crazy idea stuck in my head, and usually when that happens, i end up doing it.  by noon i’d asked my questions and gathered my needed materials, and by 3 the deed was done. first i Epic Reincarnated, taking the doublestrike feat, then when i was done with that i turned around and when right back in and LRed, using my +20 heart. a rarity for me, i flew by the seat of my pants, i did not plan ahead. i knew what stats and feats i needed to get what i wanted, so i just went with it.

and then i chugged a 50% pot, put on my voice of the master, and begged a ship invite for a 5% shrine… and used the epic stone.  5 epic levels, 2 fate points, and a capped out Divine Crusader destiny later… oh God… time to sort out my 14 hotbars. >.<

all in all, tho, it was a positive change. my saves are better, my skills are higher, and while each individual hit isn’t quite as hard, between the doublestrike boost and some of the sexy goodies in DC, i carve stuff up like a little cuisinart now. i’m a happy lil bardling. now to get back to 28! 😀


3 thoughts on “i guess three years is long enough

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  2. bored? heck no. XD i’ve had some periods of lack of internet this summer… but when i HAVE had a chance to play Pointless, she’s been just as strong as she ever was… stronger in fact, now… with the addition of melee power. she’s still an utter blast to play XD

  3. A bardling huh? A lot has happened since mid-April curious to hear a sampling of your impressions and how it’s affected play on your “main”? Bored? Here’s a cold lemonade to “Hoping you are not”. 😉

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