past life? what past life?

this is gonna be a short one, just a random thought i was thinking of this morning…

just when i finally think the game has been around long enough for certain things to have become common knowledge… i invariably see wrong information on the TRing process being quoted by people who AREN’T new to the game… in this case: what past life do you end up with in cases where you have 2 classes with the same number of levels. what happens when you have a 10/10 split? or maybe a 9/9/2 like my husband did on his barbarian life not so long ago?

i’ve heard more than one person say that when you have 2 classes with the same number of levels, whichever one you took FIRST is the one that takes precedence. THIS IS WRONG.

basically, the order it goes in is this: the original 9 classes are taken in alphabetical order (Barbarian, Bard, Cleric, Fighter, Paladin, Ranger, Rogue, Sorcerer, Wizard), and the 4 new classes in the order they were added to the game  (monk, favored soul, artificer, druid)

for example… in my husband’s previously mentioned 9/9/2 split he had 9 barb/9 fvs/2 rogue for a barb past life, even tho he took fvs levels early for the self healing.  if given equal levels… bard and barb would yield a barb past life, but bard and arti would yield bard, even tho arti is alphabetically first… it’s a newer class.  arti and monk – monk past life, as monk came first.

so hope that all made sense and helps some people!

on a related note… here’s a quick vid i made when katz turned 14 this life that’s relevant to the topic.  XD


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