It was fun while it lasted…

The Mournlands server and forum are officially shutting down this coming Wednesday. I know this, because i was a mournlander. we were told today that we could reveal ourselves, and i just wanted to get a few things off my chest.

1.  we weren’t a bunch of bobble-headed yes-men mindlessly agreeing to everything put before us.  there was some definite dissent and sometimes rather heated arguments going on.  sometimes we put our foot down and said in unison “NO… don’t do that!”  sometimes we were listened to… sometimes not so much

2. Mournlands was NOT a “test” server. ML was one step above what lammy was, and now lammy is taking it’s place.  We got to see and play with things before anyone else, but we weren’t really TESTING the game to find bugs. I mean sure, if we found one, we reported it, but more often than not, unless it was huge and glaring in ways that make the current “huge glaring” bugs look like minor spelling errors and not game breaking monstrosities, we would see the same bug we reported on ML being reported on lammy, and then finally hitting live before MAYBE getting fixed in hotfix 1, 2,3 – patch 1,2,3 – or maybe never.  We provided feedback on quests, raids, items – does this quest feel too long, too short, too easy, too hard? What did you think of this mechanic in that raid? What do you think of these new items, or these revised ones.  we were a focus group, but more often than not for things that were already at least somewhat coded.

we stopped some crazy bad stuff from going live… when the new item slots and old named items revamp was being coded, wer almost lost ALL of our clickies. planar gird was almost turned into a green slotted belt with a perma GH effect when worn.  the torq was almost turned into something that granted temp SP, and not even all that much… there was more stuff, but i don’t remember it all.  things like this, we pretty much in unison said “no. if you do this, LOTS of people will leave.” and the changes… which had already been coded, mind you… were reverted. on the other hand… some stuff we never even saw. it went straight to lammy, and we were left sitting there going WTF?  and catching the blame from the live forums… and unable to defend outselves, because doing so would out ourselves.

that was the worst i think… being ripped on by the community at large, and being unable to do anything about it.

all i know is that on Wednesday at 11 am i will be standing in game in the  ML server with a /hug and a proud /salute to my ML friends, waiting for the lights to go off and that chapter in my gaming life to close forever.


2 thoughts on “It was fun while it lasted…

    • lol. we were told at 3:38 yesterday afternoon it was ok to do so… and i say it’s a relief to finally be able to. while in a way it’s fun to have some ‘supar sekrit’ thing going on and be able to play with the quests and raids and builds far before anyone else, it was hard to not be able to say anything about it at all… good or bad…

      altho now you all know why Pickt is an elf instead of a halfling this life… NOTHING IS HIDDEN! hahaha. i love not having to search! XD

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