took the plunge…

well, after feeling that barbarian was katz’s strongest life yet in the 20-25 range… i really started feeling my weaknesses as i entered those last few levels.  i had a HORRIBLE will save. i joked with friends “if there’s a will save involved, i WILL fail it.”  i was still strong in groups, but trying to solo was risky when i was going to spend time flat on my back more often than not if there were ANY casters to fight.  i still felt strong… hit things like a ton of bricks… but i also felt very… fragile. i was a glass cannon… and i didn’t like it.

well… last night, after finishing off a GH saga and running von3 twice, a von5-6 popped up and i hit it.  the 140K capped me… i announced my celebration to the /titan channel on Orien “woohoo! level 28!” to which a friend who knew my unhappiness and intentions responded “you mean woohoo, level 1!”


for old time’s sake i climbed the rocks in house J, then took the portal to the new reincarnation area…chose colors of the queen, and took the plunge. 

for anyone who doesn’t know… an Epic TR basically gives you a free LR as part of the process… it gives you the epic past life feat, and starts you at level 1 with enough xp to level back to 20.  since i planned on an immediate TR, i took a silly joy in picking completely random skills, feats, and stat level-ups.  i think i ended up with all my level-ups into charisma… the feats i can remember were bullheaded, diehard (twice, as i got it free from ranger), extend spell, enlarge spell, dodge, and i think sunder (i know i’m missing some, but that’s all i can remember)… and i don’t even remember what skills i clicked. XD

and then i had a chat with an old friend.  Yes, i can hear you.  no, i’m not undead.  no, i can’t move yet… i’m still organizing my hotbars… keep your knickers on, i’ll be ready to go in a sec…


oh yeah, and the first mob i attacked… cometfall procced. colors of the queen is gonna be SO much fun!!!! XD


2 thoughts on “took the plunge…

    • lol yeah. well, i hadn’t even planned on eTRing any time soon, actually, but i shot from 20-24 FAST… and with the double comms i was raking them in.. i figured i’d see if i could make it to 28 before my TR partner TRed his character. i didn’t quite make it, but he was a good sport and waited for me.. and even ran his 23rd level cleric with me during the last level to help out.

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