New year… old problem

So. Just about a year ago… someone posted a thread making mention that the unarmed greatcleave animation was borked… but only for certain races.

back then i responded to it, and even did some minor testing myself… i had an elvish rogue/monk at the time. no problem for me to test at least that one.

well, a year has passed. and the topic was brought up again, so i did a little more extensive testing… it’s totally still not fixed.

so how ’bout it? lets get this one fixed! 😀


5 thoughts on “New year… old problem

  1. I think your post goes to show why it hasn’t been fixed. You hadn’t noticed in a year that it was still borked. Seems that it’s just not really important to most players.

    • i have 2 characters that this potentially effects. Pickt and Tienshi. both of them use weapons instead. when i DO use wraps on them, i just don’t use great cleave thru force of habit. i also wasn’t sure if maybe it had been fixed for some races, and not others. this vid clearly shows it has not been

  2. “so how ’bout it? lets get this one fixed! :D”

    Hai Katz! A couple of comments:
    Great Cleave still does what its advertised to do, no matter the race. So, do you really care about the “animation”? or just the Awesomebardâ„¢ side effect it provides for monks?

    • actually, the borked animation REALLY slows down the attack chain. its hard to show it in a vid where i’m not actually hitting anything, but in actual use an unarmed greatcleave performed by one of the effected races completely stops its attack, does that stupid little jump-kick thing, and THEN the ‘cleave’ attack registers… almost AFTER the animation completes.

      there really is something wrong with it, and not just a funky animation. if it was *just* an animation, i wouldn’t care.

      • Actually most unarmed monks use this to their advantage. There is a way to cancel this “slow” borked animation with monk’s tactics. I would call it a very nice metagaming trick. This is the main reason so few people have been vocal about it. Only what like a couple of threads on the mother forums? yeah…now you know

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